Complex Problem Solving

Our engineers and certified technicians are not only highly-trained and experienced, but they are also creative, resourceful, and proud of a job well done. If your system is failing to deliver the criteria you need, we will find out why and determine what needs to happen to achieve your environmental specifications. No job should be complete until it meets your performance requirements.

Controlled Environment Testing and Repair

Commercial HVAC Commissioning and
Process Piping Validation Tests

When identifying the root cause of the issue you are experiencing, we may run several different tests. Some of these may include:

Air Temperature Testing

When exact temperature constraints are required, you need the reassurance that your equipment is meeting those specifications.

Air Change Testing

Ventilation requirements vary based on occupancy levels and the use type of the room. This test evaluates air exchange rates to ensure proper levels.

Water Flow Testing

Proper water flow is necessary to maintain the long-term reliability and accuracy of your system. This test ensures strict flow requirements are met.

Load and Capacity Testing

Performance and capacity can be impacted by a variety of factors and lead your system to deliver unexpected conditions.

Room Pressurization Testing

This test is commonly performed on industrial or commercial clean rooms. The process is used to verify that a pressure differential meets the specified requirements.

Equipment Installation Testing

Proper functioning and efficiency of an HVAC system requires more than simply turning it on. Adjustments and balancing are necessary for top performance.

Maintenance and Repair Services

Commercial HVAC and Mechanical Contractor

Do you have an ongoing issue or want to prevent one from occurring?

  • Periodic Maintenance: Wear and tear on your high-performance equipment can cause unexpected downtime, and emergency services can be costly. Keep your systems running at optimal performance with proactive preventative maintenance scheduled throughout the year to minimize the impact on your business.
  • Contractual Maintenance: Not looking for a long-term contract? Want to know the current state of your equipment? We can perform one-time testing and maintenance of your controlled environmental systems to extend the life of your existing equipment.
  • Service and Repairs: Remote diagnostics can be performed in the case of an ongoing issue or emergency. Our qualified and trained technicians understand your entire system and can perform timely repairs to get your equipment up and running quickly.

Optimizing A Commercial HVAC System Case Study

The director of commissioning for a world-renowned institution contacted Zentel Tech to investigate issues with the HVAC in their rare book storage facility. The initial problem was that the heat was being carried over to the supply air from the desiccant regeneration system causing the temperature to rise in the storage room. A secondary issue was also present: The motor for the desiccant wheel failed due to the motor leads overheating.

First, we reviewed all of the information and equipment. Then, we proposed a review of the air system performance to evaluate the overall system conditions. During the investigation, it was determined that there was insufficient return air from the book storage area that limited the unit’s performance. We also determined that the insufficient return airflow created an excessive pressure differential between the supply air and the return air, causing the air to bypass the desiccant wheel, which led to extreme temperature conditions for the desiccant motor and increased supply air temperature.

This is a common problem in mechanical systems. Once the root cause is discovered, it can be properly corrected. Our critical environment experience makes us highly efficient in diagnosing and repairing the issues that keep your system from optimal performance.

Optimize Your Controlled Environment

Your high-performance HVAC and mechanical systems are a high-impact, long-term investment. Make sure your system is meeting the contract requirements with professional validations services.